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Got on the commuter train this morning at Portlaoise to Park West with a mate of mine. Two inspectors also got on. When train had started my mate realised he had left his annual ticket at home.

Around Hazelhatch they decided to do ticket checks. My mate says (very politely) good morning and that he has left his annual ticket at home and he does not have the cash to pay for a ticket. He tells them he is getting off at Park West. He then asks can they issue him with a fine. The inspector looks at me and I just shrug and confirm he does have an annual pass (which he does). The inspector says fair enough and proceeds to have a chat (he recognises me from going up/down from Ballybrophy). He (or his mate) do not issue my mate with a fine. For about 3-5 minutes they chat with us and then wish us a good day. These two guys do the Limerick route I believe.

Both were very nice, extremely polite.

My mate was shocked they did not issue a fine.
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