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No, I wouldn't agree. There is nothing wrong in saying 'tickets, please', and carry out the inspection in an assertive and efficient manner. There is no need for agression on any part and a ticket collector should be trained to handle a situation like that. Many companies who have staff dealing with the public train their staff in that area. This serves both customer service and also their own (staff) safety.
I have to agree with you, out of all the countries in Europe I have visited and travelled by train, Irish Rail RPU staff (both on trains and on the barriers in Heuston & Connolly) are by far the most aggressive and sometimes downright rude. In all the countries I've been to the ticket checkers are nice and friendly but yet still assertive. A simple "tickets please" and a smile and "thank you sir/madam" after the ticket is checked is all that's needed, not that difficult. They're still assertive and able to deal with offenders efficiently, but pleasant to those who have valid tickets. And it works perfectly, proving there is no need for the aggression we see here from the RPU.
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