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Originally Posted by James Howard View Post
The 1655 up-train from Sligo again will be a disaster for the evening down timetable. This will end up crossing with the 1500, 1600, 1700, 1717, 1815 and the 1915 trains from Connolly. If any one of them is late the delay will just cascade back through the rest of the evening timetable getting later and later.
I fail to see the need for this on the Sligo line, not the extra service but rather returning the old schedule. They could think outside the box and offer a better service. 20-25 minutes added time M-F to the 16.55 service compared to Sat. They should at least remove Enfield as a scheduled stop because it might help the existing schedule and prevent mass disruption on a daily basis.

Take today (evening peak) as an example most trains left Maynooth on time but lost 5-7 minute after heading for Sligo/Longford.
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