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It is correct to say that "Integration" has been on CIE`s agenda for decades,well back into the 70`s.

However,and this cuts to the nub of the CIE group problems,every major spending decision has had to be fully vetted and approved by the Senior Civil Servants and their Minister of the Day.

Thus in any historical revision of CIE behaviour one comes again and again upon "Great Schemes" which were embarked upon with the best will in the world only to have those projects suddenly postponed,downgraded or cancelled at often hours notice,as happened with the Batchelors Walk/Temple under river Bar Transport Hub link.

Without doubt if the current Bus Atha Cliath/IE Electronic Ticketing Programme Teams had been allowed complete their brief in the mid 1990`s we would not be in the present shameful situation.

It`s not even the Polititians that I blame it`s a strongly entrenched Senior Grade Civil Service which allocates great importance to preserving and protecting its Traditional ways of handling Power.

In our instance it`s SeÓ Aire with Liathroidý ar bar !!!!
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