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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
By about 1 minute.

You need an arrival scheduled around 20 minutes before 09:00 to allow people to get to wherever they're going in the city centre by 09:00!
Yes ideally there should be an earlier arrival from Belfast, but it shouldn't require such a pathetically uncompettitive journey time.

One potential option would be to extend the 0700 from Dundalk to start in Belfast or as an interim measure take a connection at Newry from Belfast. Alternatively start the 0700 from Dundalk in Belfast and have NIR operate the service throughout. Irish Rail would then operate the 0715 from Newry to Belfast and return as a new, much needed, service around 0900 from Belfast. This could even be an 0600 or similar from Dublin. This would require a little bit of co-operation between the two companies but would be to the benefit of both as well as delivering a significant improvement in services. Under this scenario the 0650 from Belfast could continue to operate as is.
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