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Passengers travelling from Newry, Dundalk and Drogheda to work in Dublin city centre and looking to be in their workplace by 9am would have had an extra 27, 20 and 18 minutes in bed respectively if the proposed new timetable were implemented.
The main focus of complaints is within the Greater Belfast Area. The 06:15 departure time is felt to be too early, particularly as it would leave before even the first local service reaches Belfast Central. The latter is an issue as many existing Northern Irish passengers will be unable to connect to the service.

There is also a sense in Northern Ireland that Iarnrod Eireann and the NTA sprang the timetable upon Translink without considering the joint nature of the service.

While there is huge support in Northern Ireland for a pre-9am arrival in Dublin, there is a desire that this is delivered through improved journey times. There seems to be a definite awareness that the key stumbling block seems to be Iarnrod Eireann's prioritization of local traffic.

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