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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
Is there something special about the Sligo line that makes it any different from the Westport or Waterford lines? People will get to the station if they want to use the train.
There is nothing special about the Sligo line except for me in that I live on it. I very occasionally take a Sunday morning train home after a Saturday night out and I'm lucky enough that I can take the Luas in as otherwise it would be a very expensive taxi ride into town.

It would be a lot better if all routes' first Sunday departures were aligned better with the first runs of the main bus routes into town - particularly when there is a gap of several hours to the next train. Whether that could be achieved by earlier running of the first bus or later running of the first train is not relevant to me. The present situation where the train leaves before the first bus into town is pretty typical of the poor integration of public transport in Ireland.

Most normal people don't want to take the train, they want to get somewhere and they will do so by whatever means is most convenient. Dublin Bus and Irish Rail could serve their customers better by allowing the two modes of transport to join up on a Sunday morning. As far as I can see, you can't even get a DART in to take the first Sligo departure.
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