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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
Mandatory safety announcement required by the RSC at platforms which are sub standard

If you think its bad try it in German and English in Berlin, where it is "please mind the gap between platform and train",
Have the RSC not cared about this message over the last 6 years?

On the 22's to Cork they have Please mind the gap added while they already had Please mind the gap between train and platform.

My biggest problem is the PA system is way to load, I know there is reasons such as blind people but its way above what you hear on European trains. The "Thank you for traveling with IE" needs to be taken out as its not needed and passenger who have to listen to this automated crap the whole journey won't be thanking IE at all. It needs to be turned down a lot.

I just thankful that they removed This is the x train from x to y on the Waterford route, did a trip to Galway and the pa was just non stop and it will be a long time before I use the train.
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