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Didn't realise this before, but the card I got delivered in the post this morning is not activated. Attempts to top up online fail and result in the following email:

In order to activate your new Leap Card, for your first transaction you will need to Top Up at a Luas Ticket Machine or a Leap Card agent; see to find your nearest agent. Once you have Topped Up for the first time you will then be able to use your card as normal, including purchasing online Top Ups.
Which kind of sucks. I'm not going to a Luas stop just for this when I live and work nowhere near a Luas line, and I'm not going out of my way to a shop just for this(as again, the only agents near me are not places I usually shop at).

Just going to shelve the card until it works with IE ticket machines and stick with my IE smartcard for now.

This roll-out is a bit of a joke. Why aren't IE's ticket machines ready?

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