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I agree that it is a bit trivial to be concerned about split livery. However, some of the 29Ks with the old livery are in quite a decrepit state by now.

That being said, it must be at least 5 years since the new livery came in which leads to the question - why start on a new livery programme in the first place if it's ended up taking so long to get even half way through it? In the end, it actually does look unprofessional to be mixing and matching this way which is typical of the little details that Irish Rail get wrong. They seem to have a history of making a complete mess of branding - they are on their third corporate identity in a little over 20 years and there are bits of all three on display in every station in country.

But as Mark said, nobody cares about the branding - they'd just like the trains to run on time. For bonus points, maybe get the average speed between Mullingar and Dublin over 60kph. Then start worrying about branding. Or better still, leave it alone so that we can end up with everything consistent by default about 20 years from now.

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