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Orders are

41 ICR (confirmed but not signed) primarily for capacity on medium distance commuter services

A framework agreement for up to 600 bi/tri mode 4 coach commuter trains, this is entirely for Dublin, 300 assumes DART to Maynooth and Drogheda, full 600 if the DART underground happens and there will be a need to replace the LHB DART fleet and possibly some of the Japanese fleet. This is a framework agreement so its not a commitment to buy 600, the agreement will contain an agreement to buy X with options for Y

Enterprise is a separate matter and will get stuck in a quagmire of north south relations.

2700 situation is going to have to be visited, we may have some insight on this soon. But there is no other option really if we need to get something in service before the end of 2019. Structurally they are in good condition as they are aluminium so can't rust. Engines and gearbox are basically the same as the 2600 and 2800.

As predicted this has fallen apart before it even started
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