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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
That all assumes that the current DART timetable and more specifically the running times reflect reality - I would argue that they donít and DART punctuality statistics would tend to bear that out.

Hence Iíd the extended running times in the new timetable as being more realistic and that it should be more robust as a result.
Unfortunately the approach of simply throwing more time into the schedules rather than addressing the underlying issues does not have a great track record (pun intended !).

DART running is currently erratic with trains frequently drifting along way below the line speed sometimes for no reason and other times to avoid running early. Excessive station time is another variable and is frequently evident even when the train is late and all passenger activity has ceased.

Given the disruptive effect of a 50% increase in DART frequency some attempt should be made to improve performance rather than generate additional congestion through slower running.

I suspect also that there will be an increase in the number of complaints relating to early departures, already a characteristic of services such as the 1552 from Bray. This will be even more important with the truncation of northern and western commuter services at Connolly and the increased dependency on DART for connections at stations between Howth Junction and Portmarnock.
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