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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
I suspect that they are doing the ICR fleet first and will update the Mk4 sets later. I seriously doubt that they're just doing one single fleet type.

I believe that this an IE initiative rather than being pushed by the RSC.
Its being a few weeks since it started and its just a case of updating the train ID. Noting major. If its from with IE somebody had little to do with time other than come up with ways to irritate passengers even further, yet for trains arriving on the most dangerous platforms on the network (Connolly, 5,6,7) you can hardly hear the PA system on most of the commuter/DART fleet.

Do the maths on 99% of platforms where its next to impossible to fall between the train and platform passengers have to listen to this nonsense but on the most dangerous platforms you can't hear it half the time.

Good to see IE staff have priorities in order. Just when you think you have seen it all with IE they always manage to pull some other daft things out of the bag!

While we are also on about passenger safety, there has being some significant overcrowding on some Cork services only the last day or so where passengers were standing for 90+ minutes. Soon the PA systems will be saying "Hold on tight, brace yourselves, uncomfortable journey ahead for some but most of all thank you for paying high fares for traveling with Iarnrod Eireann".

Just where do you draw the line, any more bits added and we will have full PA blown conversation on Intercity routes.

Automatic announcements never working on the enterprise, and when they do they're not in Irish. They're very simple though "We're now approaching Newry" etc, nothing about gaps or seats or thank you etc!
Exactly my point.
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