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Good one on Wednesday evening. From Blackrock, there's a Malahide DART at 18.05 which doesn't stop at Killester, follow by an 18.10 to Howth which does, followed by another Malahide one which does.

Arrived at platform a few mins before 18.10.
Display reads: "1 Howth 5 mins."

After a few mins first line goes blank, second line reads: "2 Malahide 11 mins."
No problem there.

Then it changes to "1 Malahide 11 mins".

Just as I'm about to blow a fuse that my train has suddenly been scrapped, it comes around the bend. As it pulls up, the display changes to "1 Howth".

But the front of the train says Malahide.

At this stage I don't know if it's the Howth one, or the Malahide one which won't stop at my station.

As I get on, the platform display changes back to "1 Malahide".
But the on-board displays showed destination as Howth.

At that point I just gave up, sat down and hoped for the best. Luckily it turned out to be the right one, but god help any tourists trying to understand the system.
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