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"Itís not going to happen within ten years anyway at all, that decision has been made."
Hang on, if it might happen ten years from now, shouldn't there at least be some sort of feasibility study in the government's 22 year development plan?

Its not as urgent as we were lead to believe back in the boom.
I respectively disagree. It's not just about increasing capacity, it's about opening up travel options. There are too many journeys that require two or more changes, often between different infrequent modes of transport. When faced with those journey options, it's no wonder people choose to take their cars.

Finally, the 10-minute DART proposal has little to do with the case for DART underground, which is an extension of network capacity. Anyhow the idea of a suburban service where the intervals between trains is independent of demand levels is just nonsense (just look at LUAS to see how it should be done)
I partially agree. I think the issue is that if a high frequency service is running, people will mentally see it as a service where they can just show up and travel. Ten minutes is about the limit of what people consider an acceptable wait. Every 15 minutes, and people need to check the timetable, which is enough to put a lot of people off, while others check it and find they've just missed one, so head for the car instead.

They need to stop rolling around empty 8-car sets off-peak, and split up sets as demand requires.
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