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Lightbulb 2005 (or 2105) to Longford/Mullingar

a 2005 (or 2105) to Longford/Mullingar would be fantastic.

I agree on the comments regarding the important earlier commuter services. If you want to go for dinner or a pint right now you are totally snookered if you miss the 17:05 - my vote would be for the 21:05

Originally Posted by James Howard View Post
Although I no longer use it due to the discomfort level of the 29K, the 1805 to Longford is far more important to Mullingar and Longford commuters than a potentially later service. Most normal people do not finish work in time for the 1705 so the 1805 is the peak evening commuter service. There would be hell to pay if it was cancelled and saying "politicians want to keep" it means that for once in their life politicians in the area might actually be doing their job.

We already lost the admittedly useless 1817ish service from Connolly so a two hour gap in the evening Longford commuter service would be completely unacceptable and would be the best way Irish Rail could go about killing the viability of the Longford commute.

A much better idea would be to discontinue the 1715 stopping service to Longford which is of little use beyond Maynooth. The train could turn around in Maynooth and be back in Connolly in time to run a 2005 (or 2105) to Longford. All this would cost would be a couple of hours of driver time and would massively improve the service. It could potentially fill in for an existing later Maynooth service which might allow them to let another driver off earlier so it wouldn't even cost that.
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