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Originally Posted by Padna View Post
Passengers travelling from Newry, Dundalk and Drogheda to work in Dublin city centre and looking to be in their workplace by 9am would have had an extra 27, 20 and 18 minutes in bed respectively if the proposed new timetable were implemented.
Well passengers from Newry will have no choice - they will have to depart earlier or abandon the train in favour of other modes. The bulk of Newry passngers would appear to prefer the existing 0745 departure to the lure of an 0841 arrival. Simple solution is to restore the 0650 to an arrival at 0900 and extend the 0700 from Dundalk to start in Newry at 0645. This would give a modestly acceptable service from Newry.

For Dundalk and Drogheda advance the current 0755 relief to 0730 and have it arrive in Connolly at 0841. Dundalk would then have services at 0630, 0700, 0730 and 0800, not great but better than either the current or proposed offering. Under this scenario the 0645 from Newry to Bray could start in Drogheda (virtually empty) and offer additional accommodation for stations between Laytown and Donabate.
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