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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
Out of interest, what would you have done?

I donít think closing removing most of stops at a station would go down well locally.
Well firstly the services were cut a few years ago along with Waterford to save costs because usage was pretty poor. I don't see whats changed so firstly I would like to know the NTA and IE rational around restoring because commercially there is not a case and more of the same from both IE/NTA. There are far more options to deliver a better service such as but not limited to:

Ex Connolly
Schedule the current 08.00 to 07.20
Schedule the current 11.05 to 10.20
Schedule the current 13.05 to 12.20
Schedule an extra service at 13.50
15.05, 16.00, 17.10, 19.15 to remain the same however I would like to see a more consistent xx.xx departure time.

or terminate 13.50 at Longford (M-Thu, Sligo Fri, No Sat Service) and extend the 18.15 to Sligo Mon-Fri. I know this could be more complicated in terms of rolling stock however its not impossible.

Ex Sligo
Schedule an extra 08.15
Defer 09.05 to 09.45
Defer 18.00 to 18.30

As for removing Enfield, they lost it years ago and I don't think there will be many traveling to Dublin at that hour. In addition, they barley had a Sunday service at all not so long ago.

The proposed timetable is not delivering for passengers when needed, just wasting capacity where demand is low.

* - Current 09.05 ex Sligo is heavily loaded regularly particularly in summer and an extra morning service would help this.
* - Fridays 13.05/15.05 are very busy and a 2900 is often used and capacity increased on 15.05. Thew new service could well allow them free up a 2900 and possibly reduce capacity on 15.05.

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