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Originally Posted by Traincustomer View Post
It has been my experience that tickets to ports and stations in Ireland can only be issued from staffed booking offices in the UK or purchased online.
I've never bought one at a machine, just online, but I do know the Merseyrail ticket machines in Liverpool (at least used to) list DUBLINPORT STENA, DUBLIN FYPT IF and BELFAST NI as destinations, and have the correct fares - I went all the way through the motions of purchasing one to see whether it'd work, and got all the way to paying (didn't actually pay as I already had a ticket).

Not sure how they'd work as regards a ferry reservation for a specific sailing as it didn't ask me to pick a time, but even though it's compulsory the reserved sailing time is generally unimportant for a non-advance ticket once the day is correct and can easily be changed by phone so it mightn't matter if you don't get one.
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