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Default Can't buy the ticket I need

I wish to travel from Dundalk to Kildare.

Normally I would buy a ticket from the ticket office in Dundalk before travel instead of buying online - as a student it's 25.90 for a return in the station vs 38.76 online.

On this occasion, I arrive at Dundalk and the ticket office is closed. The ticket machine does not have Kildare listed, just the stations on the lines from Connolly.

It's 12.86 more expensive to buy the ticket online, but even if it was the same/similar/lower price, maybe I only have cash and no money in the bank, or maybe I'm not sure what day I need to return so I need an open return, or it's less than two hours before the last train of the day so the first service I can buy a ticket for is tomorrow.

It's 13.10 more expensive to buy separate tickets for each leg of the journey.

What is the correct thing to do in this situation?
Can I board the train without a valid ticket because I tried to buy one but couldn't without paying more and/or being restricted to returning a specific day?
Do I need to buy the more expensive and/or more restricted ticket, and somehow claim back the extra cost and/or have the validity extended to that of a walk-up ticket?
Or do I just need to swallow the extra cost and/or restrictions, unless I can go to the station earlier in the day when the ticket office is open?

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