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Default A visit to Attymon

Returning from Galway in recent weeks I decided to stop off at the East County Galway station of Attymon to see the situation for myself at what seems to be ranked as the country's least used station.

All the eastbound trains from Galway in the evening serve the station so it is possible to stop off for an hour or so.

I was one of seven people alighting (didn't know them and all appeared to be separate individuals). There were a few cars parked in the car park (free to park). I glanced at the info on display in one of the two shelters on the platform so didn't give anything other than a passing glance as to how other passengers left the station - a rough half-half split between cars and on foot seemed to be the case. The platform was clean and tidy with all markings clear. An operational ticket vending machine (TVM) is located at the entrance to the platform. There was also an info/help point device beside the TVM which I presume was also operational.

Other than the standard platform markings (i.e. keep behind the yellow line etc...) which would tend to last a long time I don't think there are any fixtures at the station requiring painting. The platform fencing was wooden.

After a wander around the immediate locality I returned to the station. There's a shop & bar just down the road and - across the railway bridge - a school plus a building down a lane which was either a community centre or light industry factory. The countryside is pleasant and while there were no footpaths the road was relatively lightly trafficked - the only "bad bit" being at the railway bridge which has a bend on both approaches. I didn't count houses but there must have been around 20/30 that I either passed or were within sight in the course of my walk not venturing more that a couple of hundred metres either side of the railway.

I was the only person boarding the next eastbound train but two alighted.

Overall impression was of a fit for purpose rural halt. Two points of feedback that come to mind are that there ought to be a notice informing passengers of the requirement to buy a ticket before boarding and there could be a panel or two promoting various IE products.

Some of the trains ex Galway cross other trains at both Athenry and Ballinasloe so even if Attymon was omitted the train would be sitting in Ballinasloe station longer awaiting the westbound train.

Usage statistics have a role but need to be considered in a much broader context such as revenue and whether the timetable is optimal (or near optimal) etc...etc...

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