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Originally Posted by Jamie2k9 View Post
The point of the above is:
1 - Why do they use a train that arrives in 20 minutes before when they have plenty of others shutdown on the platforms.
2 - I assume the ICR faults are logged either by the driver or automatically there was an air con problem it would of being noted.
3 - If there is higher levels of shacking in a carriages is there a way that a message is sent to the drivers cab, after all these ICR's have all the mod cons these days.
4 - Is it so much to ask for reservations to be switched on, I think its time that a check list is put up in the cabs in very big writing saying reservation system must be switched on. The driver had nothing else to be doing only looking at use walking down the platform.

Service levels would be better in India! This train should of being remove from service when it arrived from Limerick.
1. - This often happens, I have mentioned this before. Whilst I have been told that it is down to the fact that your train may have been a 3-car and there are only usually 6-cars hanging about this is patently untrue as many 3-cars do hang about near the rotem facility and thereabouts.

2. - Given that the ticket checker was told of this it certainly should have been logged. Maybe it was caused by the shutdown in Heuston, of which see 4.

3. - I have noticed shaking on some 22k carraiges as well.

4. - What seems to happen in my experiance this year - certainly not before anyway - is that passengers are bing allowed onto the train at Heuston early enough. I think the only way to clear the system from the Limerick - Heuston departures to Hueston to Waterford one is to literally turn the entire train off. This cannot be normal operating proceedure and there must be a software glitch going on. In fact I have been on trains in Heuston where they have had to turn the train off and on again several times before the software copped itself on, loaded where it was going to, what train it was and all of the reservations.

The fact that there were stickers/notes suggests that at least soemone in Limerick recognised that this train wasnt on the ball and that meant it shoud have been taken out altogether.

This is clearly unacceptable, and it was one of the reasons why IE justified the replacment of the old loco hauled stock with the 22k fleet. The fact that they are being worked to the bone cant be helping either.

There are other issues with the 22k of which we know of, we have been told that there is a team of lads from Korea in long term residence and will be for another couple of years. Maybe this is one of the things they will be looking at.
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