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thanks for all the replies i very much appreciate it

i always did find the whole Irish rails thing a bit strange anyway in their business model. they promote themselves as Irish Rail but should be called Dublin Rail as thats the only place they serve.

they say that they are keeping 10 promotional fares. the only time you can use these fares is if you are going to/from Dublin

the only trains you can book online are if you are going to/from Dublin

they say that they are introducing the new leap card to help us save on fares. but this is only useful if you are IN Dublin

there are over a half million people living in Dublin with 4 million more that live elsewhere. sure alot of people use dublin in some way but there are millions all over the country that do not.

if routes like Limerick-Waterford or the WRC where promoted then they would be used. if you could book online they would be used.

12 at the moment for a single fare Limerick to Waterford by train
13.50 by bus

the train takes 2.5 hours because of a half hour stop at the junction. you have the comfort of being able to use the toilet on the train, the tables on the train for eating, doing college work, using your laptop etc. the train is so much better than the bus(as someone who dislikes busses)

i wouldnt mind paying more for the train if i didnt feel like i might have to get out and push at any time.

at this stage id offer to drive the train for free just so i could use it on a sunday.

im sure a few posters up in stations informing people of the cost and the route people would actually use it more.

i get sour because i feel as a paying customer i am being forced away from the service so Irish Rail can prove a point that nobody uses the route and they can close it to redevelope more in Dublin

i mean they are Irish Rail so please look after Ireland and not just Dublin
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