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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
It gets a hard time as the service is a disgrace, the worst rail service I have had to misfortune to have to use

This evening, there was not a single enterprise train of any type (even the backup train Irish Rail rolled out to replace from 16:50 failure) in motion, one broke down in Connolly 16:50, one went on fire north of Newry 18:05 and the third was abandoned in Newry 19:00, as they needed the locomotive to move the train that had gone on fire. The replacement for the first breakdown, a 29k is stuck behind the train went on fire as the 20:10 ex Belfast

I'd bet good money it was the HEP and the Mk3 gen van would have prevented this.
Wonder how much damage was caused to the locomotive

Those gen vans were due back this month, IE would want to get the finger out and get them sorted.

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