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Default MRUG update and "How come I cant read my private messages ?"

Hi ,

Ive got 5 new private messages but the administrator has blocked access to them. Is that just me or does the same apply to everyone ? Can I get the access restored plz ?

Havent logged on in a good while because its been quiet on the progress front and MRUG has been mothballed for the last few years. The new timetable for 2013 however looks very promising for Monasterevin. Its not finalised yet so Ill keep my powder dry but a/c to the draft timetable, there will be additional Dublin bound services stopping at Monasterevin during the day. One of MRUGs goals was to plug the late morning/afternoon/early evening ginormo timetable gap on Dublin-bound services. And not just Dublin bound either. It means residents of the town can travel to Kildare or Newbridge/Whitewater etc without using their cars. Thats fantastic news and will hopefully get people out and about who dont have access to a car/cant afford to run their cars no more.

Hats off to Irish Rail for a bit of good news which is in very short supply there days.

I didnt check the Sunday service side of things but Im assuming the same might apply as we currently have no Sunday service at all ! Ill wait and see what comes out post 20th January.

Sunday services and ticket machine are MRUGs next targets.


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