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Originally Posted by areidy View Post
I seen on a monasterevin discussion forum you're thinking of another rail users meeting.
(Think it was you!) I'd be interested in going along when you know when it is.

Hi there,

I arranged 3 meetings during March/April 2011, one of which was stillborn by date mixup but on all occasions no-one showed up. I'm used to this level of response, takes time to get peoples attention but Ive now left it until end of May/early June before attempting to organise a meeting. People are either busy, asleep or disinterested.

The changes I referred to are listed in an earlier posting on this thread. MRUG met up with IE last in October 2009 to discuss timetable tweaks and the response was suspiciously productive. Nothing came of it alas bar the late night addition which was great and I hope people are using it.

There remains a huge hole in the Dublin bound timetable between 9am and 7pm that requires serious plugging but with the KRP, the recession blah-de-blah, IE have gone all quiet and MRUG suspect the patient may be terminally ill - note IE wasnt mentioned as a potential candidate for sell-off in McCarthys latest "Ode to a Firesale".

We've a tough battle to even get their attention these days but MRUG are in it for the long haul.

Ill post up any meeting notifications here and on the Monasterevin Forum.

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