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The following article in the Meath Chronicle a few weeks ago about a proposed bus hub is sadly the sum total of what is planned for Navan (wish it were otherwise):

The necessity for a hub is certainly not questionable as the numerous bus routes serving Navan are scattered between no less than four separate main bus stops in and adjacent to the central area (Market Square, Mercy Convent, Shopping Centre and Abbeylands South opp Fire Stn.).The bus hub proposal seems to seek an utopian location which has the dual attributes of being near the town centre and having no traffic issues. Like most provincial towns Navan suffers from traffic congestion and finding a place with both attributes will be next to impossible.

The eminently sensible and very cost effective idea of using the large yard at Navan railway station has evidently been dismissed. This yard has more area than many existing Bus Éireann stations, has quite a good surface and a waiting facility could easily be developed in part of the station building. Incidentally IÉ use some rooms in the station for offices.

This really could be done for very low money - and a quality, user-friendly result at the end...

Therefore the necessity for seeking (very expensive) land on which to build this hub is very questionable indeed. I thought the country was supposed to be using money prudently but this comes across as a quite disgraceful waste of money when the town already has such an asset already in CIÉ ownership. The railway station is also within acceptable walking distance of Trimgate Street (traditional main shopping street) and the Navan Shopping Centre. It is also beside Meath County Council's offices.

Back to rail - a personal opinion is that Kilmessan station should not feature in the Navan rail plan and a spur to Trim just five miles away should instead feature.
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