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Originally Posted by Colm Moore View Post
Politicians are often only focused on the current election cycle.

The diesel railcars can carry 40-65 people per carriage. The 2700s are currently being withdrawn as they are the least reliable. So likely minimum train size is two carriages.

Roughan & O’Donovan / AECOM have the documentation substantially progressed.

Depending on external factors, primarily the economy, it might be worthwhile. In the recession, the high cost of borrowing and with the M3 in place it is unlikely to be worthwhile.

If someone has €300-500 million, things can move forward.

In the current environment, the best that can be hoped for is improving existing lines - signalling, level crossings, stations, etc.
Thanks for that. 40 to 65 would put an 8 carriage capacity per service at 320 to 520. Would need to be at the higher end in my opinion.

Been on ROD website but surely the feasibility report is out there somewhere?

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