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comcor 17-08-2015 13:53

[Article] Cork-Cobh Rail Group: ‘Extend the time of Cobh late train’

For me the establishment of a Cork-Cobh rail group is as interesting as the proposal to have a later last train.

Jamie2k9 17-08-2015 16:30

How viable is the current 23.30 to Mallow which was introduced at the last timetable, couldn't see a major difference between both.

I think an 23.40 could easily be trailed on Fridays/Saturdays at the very least.

comcor 18-08-2015 09:22

I've no idea about that Mallow service is doing. I suspect it's really a case of a train being moved and it may as well allow passengers on board as there is no return service.

That said, there is generally a higher demand on the Cobh line than to Mallow and Cobh also has the advantage of decent intermediate demand at Glounthaune and Little Island, when there are still no open stations between Mallow and Cork.

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