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KSW 10-05-2012 08:01

Rosslare intercity running 25mins late
08.23 Gorey ex Rosslare to Connolly running 25mins late, left Gorey 08.50

Traincustomer 13-05-2012 14:59

Today's 13.45 ex Connolly is around nineteen minutes down. Apart from waiting to cross the up train at Gorey station after departing Gorey it stopped in the Gorey outskirts, driver walked through and train returned to station. And departed again after a few minutes. Not sure why. Train just passed Ferns

comcor 14-05-2012 05:20

Exactly the same thing happened to me in Enniscorthy in March.

Traincustomer 14-05-2012 15:19

My initial thoughts were that there was something on the line. But this couldn't have been the case. Another passenger said there were a group of passengers who forgot to get off. Interestingly the train clawed back a good number of minutes and was only 12 minutes down on arrival into Europort. The official timings south of Wexford are too slack - Wexford to the Strand is often completed in 12/13 minutes. Padding/ "charter minutes" it seems!

comcor 14-05-2012 16:20

A passenger who forgot to get off was also spoken of when it happened to me. I didn't see anyone get off in Enniscorthy though.

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