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wobbles 08-12-2009 21:54

Timekeeping 22K Vs 28K
Has anyone else noticed how poor the time keeping has gone since the 22K took over most of the Rosslare line services?

I regularly use the 6am Gorey-Dublin service and since the new timetable was introduced the 22K have struggled to maintain the service to time. On Monday the service ran to time for the entire journey. On this morning the service was operated by a 28K train set.

My evening journey home is mostly on the 1730 although some evenings I have to catch the 1830. I find the 22K operated 1830 service is prone to loose time between Wicklow and Rathdrum usually resulting in a 10 to 20 minute delay. The 28K operated 1730 seems to fair out better of the two but can be prone to delay at Arklow where it is due to pass the Rosslare-Dublin service which always seems to be late.

One thing I have noticed is that the 28K and 29K trains have much better acceleration that the new 22K.

dowlingm 08-12-2009 22:03

Not entirely surprising I suppose - the 22Ks being built for intercity cruising maybe have different gearing ratios?

Mark Gleeson 08-12-2009 22:47

With the exception of Nov 30 and Dec 1st, the train has either arrived Connolly early (2,3,4 & 7 Dec) or within 60 seconds of published time (Dec 8)

The train takes 8 minutes less than in 2008/9

On the first two days of the new timetable it was 20 minutes late which is utterly appalling but the current performance is consistent and in line with the best standards

ThomasJ 09-12-2009 13:51

This was a comparison I did 2008/2009 vs 2009/2010 as per the online timetable for people travelling to Gorey


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