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motorhead 27-08-2011 15:39

Passenger with bike at rush hour
Hi all, can anyone tell me what the stance is on bringing bikes onto a train as a man had a racing bike on the 0630 from drogheda to pearse train completely blocking the doors to the platform side when it pulled into connolly the train was its usual crowded self especially with the secondary schools back from hols

Thomas Ralph 27-08-2011 16:01

Bikes are not allowed on commuter services. But enforcement is nonexistent.

Colm Moore 27-08-2011 16:02

Full sized bikes are carried (a) on trains that have dedicated bike spaces (b) off-peak on other services. Folding bikes are allowed on any service provided they are folded.

It is generally agreed that displacing people with bikes on peak services isn't acceptable.

Blocking exits isn't acceptable either. It would be reasonable to make a complaint, as promptly as possible.


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