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KSW 09-09-2011 14:28

[09/09/2100] 14.01 Gorey to Dublin ex Rosslare
Train delayed at greystones,line between bray and greystones is suspended. The arklow may pith train has just pulled in beside us here in greystones,
How long do are meant go wait!!! Just get that person of the line

Mark Gleeson 09-09-2011 14:43

The line is closed as of 14:45

The signaling records show the line is clear, so not a broken down train by extension if there is no train there is no train vs person. Most likely some form of rockfall. Given the Rosslare line trains are held at Greystones its not a overhead line power failure

14:30 Greystones Malahide operated as normal
13:30 Malahide Greystones terminated at Bray
15:00 Greystones Malahide started from Bray

ThomasJ 09-09-2011 14:58

there is an unconfirmed report on twitter of a barrier put down on the line between bray and greystones. May or may not be true,

ThomasJ 09-09-2011 15:04

irish rail twitter saying services back running

KSW 09-09-2011 15:12

Arriving at bray now

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