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ACustomer 12-06-2019 16:58

"Commuter" Trains
A very annoying media habit is referring to Intercity Trains as "Commuter Trains". Yesterday, according to the Indo, a woman had a baby on a Galway-Dublin "commuter" train and men were arrested for snorting cocaine (a.k.a. doing a Michael Gove) on a Dublin-Cork "commuter" train.

Eddie 12-06-2019 22:20

Random picture of a Mk 4 which does not operate the Galway service either, to the best of my knowledge!


Jamie2k9 15-06-2019 11:27

Before I opened this I knew it was referring to this and yes commuter stood out.

Perhaps the person who wrote it hasn't ventured beyond the M50 very often! Very clickbait article. I mean person gives birth on Galwy-Dublin intercity train isnít as dramatic as person gives birth on packed Galway-Dublin commuter train.

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