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ACustomer 08-10-2018 09:43

Nenagh Line Cancellations
The IE website has details (Oct 8th) of upcoming cancellations and bus substitutions between Limerick and Ballybrophy until December 9th. It would appear that normal services are virtually suspended or curtailed all November. What's going on? Driver shortages? Track improvements? Rolling stock shortages?

Where is Alan Kelly when we need him?

berneyarms 08-10-2018 18:59

Track relaying I believe.

ACustomer 09-10-2018 08:44

Well, I hope that's good news and that some improvement in the current dreadful running times will result.

However for a line which is regularly slated as being ripe for closure and a basket case, the cynic in me says that the extra costs of this work will be used to justify closure in the not-too-distant future. Hope I'm wrong, but repainting stations used to be a surefire predictor of closure.

ACustomer 09-10-2018 12:52

What made me put the initial question was that the Nenagh line disruptions were "due to operational reasons", with no mention of track improvements. Mind you, they may be doing some desperately needed repair to the track which hardly merit being called "improvements"

Mark Gleeson 09-10-2018 14:47

There was some serious cable theft recently which put the ETS out of service. The splitting of trains at Nenagh requires the ETS banking staff setup which doesn't work with pilot working.

The track beyond Nenagh is in dreadful condition

Inniskeen 10-10-2018 23:12


Originally Posted by berneyarms (Post 79680)
Track relaying I believe.

Irish Rail say "Operational Reasons" - appears to be more convenient to run buses than to sort out the problems caused by cable theft.

ACustomer 10-11-2019 19:03

There are very extensive closures scheduled between Birdhill and Ballybrophy during November and December. Apparently relaying has commenced in the Ballybrophy-Roscrea section. Any chance that the significant expense incurred will result in improved journey times?

If not, why not?

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