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Ireland trains 11-08-2018 20:42

Irish rail journey planner broken?
I was looking up train times from Greystones to Connolly some time in september and it shows theres 3-4 DART's an hour to howth/mallahide.
It is actually possible as one is schedul
es 4 min past the other one eg: xx:00, xx:05, xx:30...
Is this the case that the o'clock and half past are the existing times and the 4 min past and 26min to are the new times and IÉ have forgotten to take down the old times?

ACustomer 12-08-2018 10:41

It certainly looks a mess when you see the departure times from Greystones post-Sept 8th. For example there is a departure at 0752 and 0754 on weekdays. Impossible!

I assume its the usual Irish Rail incompetence. Incidentally if you look at the service announcement for August 26th for the Papal Mass, the Intercity information is quite garbled: some trains to Dublin are mentioned, but not others. What's up? And this is a day on which many people who are not used to using the railway will be left a bit bewildered. Once again Irish Rail incompetence.

Jamie2k9 12-08-2018 13:45

Trains mentioned for 26th are the ones which require a reservation and no tickets will be available on the day for mentioned services. Not sure whats complicated by the announcement.

Inniskeen 12-08-2018 18:28

Main takeaway is that rather than attempt to address the timetable defects the well tried, tested and failed approach of simply adding more time to the schedules is being applied yet again e.g Greystones to Malahide will now take 86 minutes as opposed to 80 minutes reducing the average speed even more !

Ireland trains 12-08-2018 20:15

Irish rail journey times from greystoned to dublin should really take 40-45 minuets.
Trains dont need to go slower when extra trains are added.
Journey times should reduce, not increase.

ACustomer 13-08-2018 09:42


Not sure whats complicated by the announcement.
Not so much a question of complication as one of clarity. There is a general statement about Intercity Services on August 26th, and then a list of certain trains on that date. If something like "These arrangements apply to the following trains" were inserted then all would be fairly clear.

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