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EnterpriseUser 23-02-2015 09:19

Sligo services
I have used the Sligo services on a number of occasions recently. It is a very good service given the constraints of a line the is single track from Maynooth onwards. The 1505 on Friday last was fully loaded on departure and was a nine carriage 22000 ICR set. Seat reservations do not work well on this rout. The train was punctual throughout and arrived outside Sligo station eight minutes early although we then had to wait for the 1800 to Dublin to depart to enter the station. Given this service until the last ten years was three trains a day in either direction it seems a remarkable change to see four train sets based overnight in Sligo with a further two sets at Lonford. Doubling to at least Mullingar must be a viable future option plus electrification to Maynooth to allow for increased capacity.

ACustomer 23-02-2015 09:35

Nine-Carriage 22000 ICR set? The maximum allowed to Sligo is 7 cars.

EnterpriseUser 23-02-2015 10:05

Ah, it felt like nine as my seat was in coach G! I must have miscounted as the train set appeared impressively long!

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