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Destructix 22-10-2012 21:19

18:00 Limerick-Limerick Junction
Its great 22k's are now running on this line but because of the condition of the Ennis-Limerick line this train always arrives late into Colbert. Maybe a 2800 could do the Ennis service and leave that 22k in Colbert so the 18:00 can depart on time. Felt sorry for the Limerick Junction to Waterford passengers on the uncomfortable 2800 xD

Mark Gleeson 23-10-2012 06:45

But for years wasn't the complaint that people wanted through service from Ennis to Limerick Junction?

Destructix 23-10-2012 22:05

The complaint really is part of the WRC. Colbert depends on these trains to arrive at 17:55 and depart at 18:00 for Limerick Junction but as a regular user of this train, it is always late. Up to 10 minutes sometimes and the punctuality has got worse since the introduction of the 22k's. They should have a 2800 doing the Ennis to Limerick service meeting the 22k at Colbert. Must be speed restrictions on that Ennis/Limerick line.

dowlingm 24-10-2012 02:25

Or they could fix the Ennis line. I hear rumour about a loco ban.

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