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Mark Gleeson 02-03-2007 17:14

[2-3-2007] 17:05 to Limerick
Live info

Two of the yellow Tshirts people have been kidnapped by the 17:05 to Limerick they didn't get out in time

Its a long way to Templemore

Also no food, Tom Stamp hungry it appears

Colm Donoghue 02-03-2007 17:26

Hmmm. Friday food....:D

Mark Gleeson 02-03-2007 18:10

Well the yellow t shirts are still stuck on board, they have no tickets and no staff passes either

Latest info is the train has just been stoned about 2 miles north of Ballybrophy, windows held

Thomas J Stamp 03-03-2007 09:57

They eventually got out at Thurles, i hope. Curoisly the 1820ex-templemore hung around for a loooonng time before departing. Perhaps managment were hoping that they were going to swap there.

Cause of problem? The carraige they were in had no pa, they didnt hear the announcement that the doors were closing. Worked in mine.

As for food, yes, not happy. The days of pat bringing me my dinner in first class on the 17.05 have now gone. He was in the "snack car" yesterday, no trolly service either.

So all you get in first class is, as they say, "curtins".

For the record, the catering on that train could not fail to make a profit, everyone used it as it goes direct to Ennis on a Friday. When repleaced with the six car 22000 there will not be any catering either.

Well, if IE wants to cut off its nose despite it face.

As for the stoning, two rocks hit the windoiw outside Ballybrophy, window remained intact. Please note said window made in Templemore by Taylor Made in the 80's.

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