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Integration Need Not Cost The Earth

Glasnevin Junction Is The Answer

Some people would lead you believe that to provide a integrated transport system in Dublin requires masses of new infrastructure, tunnels everywhere and massive expense. Dublin already has a extensive web of railway lines many of which poorly utilised and in one case lie unused due to lack of capacity through the core city centre area. Sure we need infrastructure like the Interconnector tunnel from Heuston to Spencer Dock to solve the cross city capacity problem, but we also need as a matter of urgency to make better use of the infrastructure we already have. We need joined up thinking, we need to facilitate the public, to enable them to make journeys. What we need is integration.

Rail Users Ireland has identified Glasnevin Junction situated just off the Phibsborough Road as the missing interchange, which if implemented would link up up to 4 different transport modes, rail, LUAS, Metro and bus. Its there staring us in the face yet no one has noticed its importance. Back in April 2003 Rail Users Ireland brought this to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Transport.

Today trains passing through Glasnevin Junction can serve:

  • Maynooth, Mullingar, Longford, Sligo
  • Heuston platform 10 and onwards to the south and west
  • Connolly via Midland Line and Newcommen Junction, then southwards to Pearse, Bray
  • Connolly via Drumcondra and West Road Junction, then southwards to Pearse, Bray
  • Spencer Dock via Drumcondra and West Road Junction
  • Spencer Dock via Midland Line

There are 4 tracks between Glasnevin Junction, Connolly and Spencer Dock, 2 of which known as the Midland line are idle. The track has been fully re-laid, clearances increased and signalling modified to allow for later electrification. Read the Rail Users Ireland proposal to route Kildare line services to Spencer Dock.

Bus routes 13, 13A, 19, 19A, 40 and 40A currently pass the station site.

Possible further destinations which Glasnevin Junction may serve in the future:

  • Dunboyne
  • Navan
  • Dublin Airport by Metro or DART
  • Swords by Metro or DART
  • Ballymun by Luas

Without a doubt this is the key interchange location in the north city.

Proposed Stephen's Green - Airport - Swords Metro

One of Rail Users Ireland's key objections to the proposed metro was its shockingly poor integration with other transport modes. The current proposed metro alignment passes within a stones throw of Glasnevin Junction. Rail Users Ireland where invited to contribute to the Oireachtas investigation into the Dublin Airport Metro. We emphasised the unique integration opportunities which exist at Glasnevin Junction.

Rail Users Ireland also supports Iarnród Éireann's plan for an Interconnector and believes that Iarnród Éireann's plan for an Airport DART is preferable to a Metro. However, if a Metro were to be built, they strongly believe that it should intersect with the Phoenix Park line at Glasnevin Junction transfer station to allow for full integration of the Greater Dublin suburban network. Page 40 O'Reilly Metro report
Rail Users Ireland's proposals for a transfer station at Glasnevin Junction accommodating an underground Metro station are very interesting and clearly merit evaluation. Page 41 O'Reilly Metro report

To this day the RPA continue to ignore the fantastic interchange location. It's so obvious we can't understand the RPA's attitude. A touch of not invented here syndrome?

Northside Luas

A very likely route for a northside Luas line would pass over the Royal Canal using the Phibsborough Rd bridge which is a matter of meters from Glasnevin Junction, again offering perfect integration.

Glasnevin Junction looking from Phibsborough

Glasnevin Junction Looking southwards

The view is taken from a redundant bridge to the rear of Des Kelly Carpets on the Phibsborough Rd, showing the 4 double track railway lines which meet at Glasnevin Junction.

Glasnevin Junction looking towards Connolly

Glasnevin Junction Looking northwards

This photograph was taken from a Sligo service looking back at the redundant bridge from which the first photograph was taken. It shows the currently disused 'Midland Line' route to Connolly with the Drumcondra route on the left side upon which the train is running. An area in excess of 250m length exists between the junction and the Phibsborough Rd bridge which is more than adequate in length for platforms. A station would most likely be built facing onto the Phibsborough Rd on the site currently occupied by Des Kelly Carpets. This station could incorporate retail and residential element which would greatly assist in the financing of the station and the provision of local amenities.

Having sought advice a station incorporating the metro station would cost approximately €75 million. This cost would be split across three front, the RPA, Iarnród Éireann and revenue from retail and residential units. The metro line if built it would pass underneath at 90 degree angle which would be easily integrated.

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